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Grotrian Piano Covers

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Price: $150.00
SKU #:co-grotrian

All covers are made to order items and take 10-20 business days for manufacturing. NEW * Floor length Covers are available only for 7 foot and under *

⇓ Please scroll down for full details and options available ⇓

Purchase Orders
Select your Size, Fabric and to Order,
or for assistance, call toll free 1-800-791-7144.

If you don't see your model number listed below,measure the entire length of your piano, from in front of the keys to the furthest point at the back curve.
Note: - Measure underneath the piano - it's easier.

With over 30 years experience, our expert sewers make the finest piano covers in the industry.
You'll find our covers at Hollywood's Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences (Academy Awards), the Smithsonian Institute & even on the pianos of the TV show Desperate Housewives.

Not all piano cover fabrics are created equal ...at Piano Showcase, only the finest & strongest fabrics are selected for durability, appearance and especially to protect your beautiful instrument.

Grotrian Grand Piano Covers
GROT-5'4" - Model 165 - 5'4" - $150.00
GROT-6'3" - Model 192 - 6'3" - $155.00
GROT-6'7" - Model 200 - 6'7" - $159.00
GROT-7'4" - Model 225 - 7'4" - $162.00
GROT-9'2" - Model 277 - 9'2" - $185.00

For Upright Piano Covers Click Here

Select your piano, size and fabric, then order from the drop down menus at the top of the page
For assistance call toll free 1-800-791-7144.

Click each link below for Fabric descriptions.
Mackintosh Fabric⇐ Click for more information
Black Or Brown Mackintosh- Prices are as listed below

Vinyl Fabric⇐ Click for more information
Not all Vinyl is the same. Some vinyl covers we've seen are paper thin or look like plastic.
Our Vinyl is the correct weight for piano covers. Not paper thin and certainly not heavy duty.
Thick vinyl should not be used for piano covers because it will retain heat and put the piano out of tune....
Not to mention the hassle of getting it on & off the piano.
Black & Brown Vinyl - (Priced as listed below)
White, Sand Beige or Burgundy Vinyl
Add $20.00 to the list price below. - (Custom Made)

Classic 3/8" Quilted Fabric⇐ Click for more information
Black only - add $30.00

Top of the Line 1/2" Quilted Fabric⇐ Click for more information
Black Premium Quilted - add $40.00
Brown Premium Quilted - add $50.00

Quilted Padded Mackintosh⇐ Click for more information (for extra protection)
Black Padded Quilted Mackintosh for Heavy Traffic Areas - Add $65.00 - (Custom made)
Brown Padded Quilted Mackintosh for Heavy Traffic Areas - Add $85.00 - (Custom made)

Side Slit option available - Adds $65.00 - Custom Made
 ⇐ Shown in Classic 3'8" Quilted

Side slits are placed on each side of the piano above the legs. This allows you to fold back the cover and play your piano without removing the whole cover.

 ⇐ Shown in Classic 3'8" Quilted

Floor length option available - Adds $90.00 -Custom made

Floor length covers cannot have the locking straps added.

 ⇐ Shown in Quilted Padded Mackintosh


Safety Locking Straps with 'D' Rings - Adds $35.00 - Custom Made

Locking straps work only with standard length covers.

The straps are sewn onto the cover, and are pulled together underneath the piano where the 'D' rings meet. You then put a lock through the 'D' rings. (Lock not included)

Generally used for protection in a commercial setting (Schools, Hotels, Churches, Studios etc.) to dissuade people from getting into the piano.   Sold as a set.   

Embroidered Piano Name on Cover - Adds $75.00  - Custom made
2 Positions - Front or Side
Color choices : Metallic Gold, Metallic Silver, Pink, Blue, Yellow, White

Examples of positions available shown below.

 ⇐ Front Position

 ⇐ Side Position

Custom Made Covers at No extra charge.

Grand Piano Sizes
To determine the size of your piano - Measure in a straight line from the farthest end at the back curve, across the closed lid to in FRONT of the keys. Sometimes it's easier to measure the entire length of the piano from underneath.

For Extra protection in a commercial setting;
e.g. Hotels, Theaters, Studios, Schools, Auditoriums etc., see our Commercial Heavy Duty Cover Commercial Heavy Duty Water Resistant Covers

All covers are made to order items and take 10-20 business days for manufacturing.

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Average rating:
average rating 100%
5 reviews

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Featured positive reviews:

average rating 100%
Very Nice Cover 03/06/2021
By Elizabeth Brown
I am very happy with the cover I ordered, which is the padded, but not heavy-duty, one. It fits well over my piano and although it feels thick and cushiony, it is very light and easy to remove. I ordered slits so that I can fold it back instead of removing it every time I play. So the cover also provides a little sound-dampening, which can be useful at times. Good work!
average rating 100%
Beautiful cover 03/05/2017
By Louisiane
This piano cover is extremely well-made. I was honestly surprised at the quality. I did not expect that. I was wrong. I strongly urge anyone interested in buying a piano cover to consider this product. Both my husband and I are actually pretty picky about quality and we had nothing but praise for this panel cover.
average rating 100%
piano cover 11/03/2020
By Brenda
Great experience all around. Website is easy to navigate, quick turn around time and good quality grand piano cover at a reasonable price.
average rating 100%
Nice cover 04/19/2017
It's a very nice cover and I'm satisfied. Ordering was easy and I received the cover in a timely way. Thanks.
average rating 100%
6'8" piano cover 12/05/2018
By Vel Cross
Perfect fit & much nicer material than I expected. The only irritation was that I 1st received one without the slit and had to return it and wait longer to get the proper one.