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Horse Design Bench Cushion

Average rating:
average rating 96%
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Retail Price: $110.00
Sale Price: $95.00

Lovely Horse tapestry fabric bench cushion.
Three sets of ties to attach under the lid to hold the cushion in place.

Standard size cushion is 1" thick
The 2" thick booster size costs only $12.00 more.

Available in Sizes:
14" x 30" - $95.00
14-1/2" x 33" - $97.00
14-1/2" x 35" - $99.00

Choices for color on the back: (White Discontinued)

We can custom make your cushion to fit your bench.
Choose "Custom Made" as your Item number in the drop down list below, and type in your bench measurements in the appropriate box.
Custom Made Sizes .. 19¢ per square inch.
(Please note that our shop cannot calculate the price of custom sized cushions.
You can get your price by multiplying the width x length then multiply by 19¢.)
For example: 13" x 39" = 507 sq. in. x 19¢ = $96.33.

20" x 86" Maximum size - (Minimum Custom Size - $74.00)

Not every size / color combo is made - please allow 10-20 business days for item to ship

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Our company works with the finest American piano furniture manufacturers in the industry.
We sell more than 150 styles of fine quality piano benches & stools in a wide variety of leg styles, wood finishes & fine fabrics, and as the premier seller of piano benches online, our large buying power allows us to offer you the lowest prices for the finest quality!
We hope this page will help you to decide which bench is most suitable for you.

What is the difference between a Grand Piano Bench and an Upright Piano Bench?
A stationery Grand Piano Bench, sometimes called a 'Duet' Bench, is generally between 33" & 36" wide.
The width is proportionate to the size of the instrument and certainly adds elegance to any Grand Piano.  This size Bench can be used with Grand Pianos, full size Upright pianos, or with any piano where you'd like two people to sit side by side.  There is a choice of Wood Top or Upholstered benches and of course our Standard or Duet Artist or Adjustable benches are perfect for Grand pianos. They are wonderful for growing children or for pianists who sit practicing for long periods of time, thus allowing a change of position affording greater comfort.

A standard Upright Piano Bench is generally 30" wide x 19" high and is used with all sizes of upright pianos from 36" high to 52" high.
Some smaller Spinet pianos look nice with the 25" wide Piano/Keyboard Benches.  A Duet bench also looks aesthetically pleasing with larger Full Size Upright pianos (also known as Upright Grands) and are especially good for Teachers who need to sit beside their students.

What is the difference between an Artist Bench & an Adjustable Bench
Both 'Adjustable' and 'Artist' Benches can move up or down with the side knobs that changes the height of the seat, however a true 'Artist' bench has a Solid Apron around the bench, so you DO NOT see a space when the top is raised.

I saw a bench that looks just like yours on another website, why was their bench cheaper?
If the bench is from the same manufacturer as ours, we 'Guarantee' to beat any price... please call us!

However, many benches are just Look-a-Likes to ours but are made badly or with inferior materials.   Although we cater to every size pocket book, we have maintained our longevity in this business by taking great care to select benches made with only the best Kiln Dried hardwoods (like Maple, Walnut, Mahogany, Oak, Poplar etc), the finest Leathers, Vinyls, Fabrics and Brass hardware, superior construction and effortless adjustable bench mechanisms. Ultimately our benches will last longer.
Remember the old saying, "You only get what you pay for".

When will I receive my bench?
Our benches are always In-Stock and generally ship out from one of our Central USA warehouses within 1 to 2 business days.   If a bench does get sold out, we'll let you know right away and let you know when it will be shipped.  If you have ordered a custom-made bench (e.g. your own fabric or custom color), or perhaps a special carved leg style, they usually ship out in 7 to 14 business days. (You can't rush quality).  We offer Free UPS Ground Shipping on all our benches. 2nd Day Air & Overnight services are available.

Is there any assembly required when I get my bench?
All benches are shipped in a flat box with the legs wrapped separately for safety. They simply get bolted or screwed into each corner of the bench frame with the 4 nuts and bolts included, and it takes no more than a couple of minutes.

Why are some benches more expensive than others?
1) - Our American manufacturers use only the finest woods, leathers and vinyls and the benches are generally hand made, which justifies a higher price.

2) - 'Diamond Tufting' on an Artist bench is more expensive than just a standard button tufted top.   Much more fabric is used to make the hand tufted folds, which results in greater comfort and extends the life of the bench.   Our American made Jansen, Poeschl and GRK Artist benches have 'Diamond Tufted' tops.

At Piano Showcase, our furniture experts have taken great care to select only the finest quality benches from the top manufacturers around the world and each bench is fully guaranteed or your money back.

How do I know which Leg Style to select?
Our benches come with a large variety of leg styles that can be matched to almost any piano.   Many of the older pianos have leg styles that are unavailable today, however we have such a large selection, that one of them is sure to be a close match. When in doubt, we recommend just a plain square tapered leg so it won't clash with the style of your piano.

Will the bench color be a close match to my piano?
The sample bench colors we show on our website are a close reproduction of our bench stains and in general are a fair match to most pianos.   However, it's not exact and should not be used if an exact match is required.  Our benches are made of many different types of Hardwoods which have various porosity levels and do not absorb stains equally.  There are significant color differences among the various wood species. When stained, this color difference causes intensity variations. The woods contain grain characteristics such as mineral streaks and pin knots that affect the color and intensity of each individual piece.  And don't forget, different computer monitors show color hues just a bit differently.

The best way to describe the difference between our Walnut & Mahogany colors, is that the Walnut benches are more of a yellowish brown and Mahogany has a touch of red in it. (Brown Mahogany and other colors are available in our Custom Color benches). With over 12,000 different makes of pianos, some new and some very old and faded, if you require an 'exact' match, it's our recommendation that that you purchase one of our 'Unfinished' benches and color match it on site by a technician.

Why buy Leather when Vinyl is so much less expensive?
The choice is a personal preference and a matter of budget.  The Vinyl & Naugahyde fabrics used on all Piano Showcase benches and especially the top quality benches manufactured by Jansen, Poeschl and GRK, are of such superior quality that only an expert could tell the difference.   However, be aware that there are many different grades of leather.   Sure, you can find 'Bargain Leather Benches' out there, but they're no more than thin synthesized plastic or heavier grade vinyl.  Our bench manufacturers use only top quality hides for their benches.  Good quality leather breathes, is plyable, and then or course like a new car, there's also that lovely leather smell & touch.  To put it into perspective, if you can afford the luxury of one of our Leather benches.... go ahead and treat yourself... You'll be enjoying it long after you've forgotten how much it cost.

Do you have a strong bench that will hold a bit of weight.
We have 3 selections of School / Teacher's benches that come with extra support rungs on the bottom of the bench for more strength. This style of bench is recommended for heavy traffic use or for people who require a stronger bench.

Can I use my own fabric, I'd like the bench to match my decor?
Yes, we have several bench selections where you can send us your own fabric and we'll custom make the bench for you.

If you require any further assistance in selecting a bench, just give us a call toll-free at 1-800-791-7144.

Do you sell American designed Frederick Benches?
We do not. Frederick benches are in fact imported from China.

Please note: Due to inferior quality and too many customer complaints, we no longer carry Benchworld / Campbell-Young benches.

DISCLAIMER: We try to edit our photos to show the color samples as life-like as possible, but please understand the actual color may vary slightly, depending on your specific monitor, the settings and your lighting conditions. The cushion colors depicted should only be used as an approximate guide. We cannot guarantee that the color you see accurately portrays the true color of the product.
Average rating:
average rating 96%
12 reviews

Read all reviews

Featured positive reviews:

average rating 100%
Perfect Bench Cushion 11/24/2021
By Jessica Cowan
I am so pleased I found this website! For decades I have had an antique carriage bench in my foyer. I was becoming concerned that my dog's toenails were scratching the very old and soft wood. This cushion, custom made to my bench's measurements, is as protective as it is beautiful. Creation of my cushion was fast and the shipping was even faster. I highly recommend this company! Thanks so much!!
average rating 100%
By Nancy Hesler
What an awesome piano bench cover this one with all the running horses is! I had no idea it would look like embroidery, either!! I got the 2 inch thick one and it is so nice to actually have that nice soft surface to sit on. I couldn't be happier with my purchase. Expensive? Yes, but so worth it!!! Now I have to fight the cats for it - they like soft, cushy things too.
average rating 100%
Nice Product 01/25/2016
By Bryan Krussow
A very nice product. I appreciate the fact that it has three tie strings rather than two, and the design/print adds a touch of class to my living room. It's also very comfortable to sit on. Service was very quick, especially considering that it was a custom size.
average rating 100%
Just what I wanted 04/05/2021
By D Baker
I have wanted a cushion for my duet piano bench for a long time and was happy to find your company online. The fabric is beautiful, the cushion is well constructed, and it fits the bench perfectly. I can definitely recommend this product.
average rating 100%
Bench Cushion 10/10/2014
By Mistie Sain
I am thrilled with my bench cushion. It is so nice and fit my bench perfectly with the dimensions I gave for it. The quality is excellent!