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Schaff - Hale Piano Tuning Hammers / Tuning Levers
Priced from $32.50

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SKU #: Tuning Hammers
Sale Price: $32.50
Schaff - Hale Piano Tuning Hammers / Tuning Levers
Priced from $32.50
Average rating:
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All of our Schaff-Hale Tuning Hammers are made in the USA, and accurately machined from the finest alloy steels. Schaff parts and tools have been the choice of 'Professional Piano Technicians' since 1884.

** There are much less expensive 'bargain tuning hammers' on the market, however, there's an old saying, "you only get what you pay for". The horror stories we hear of ruined tuning pins or tuning levers that come apart or bend, will just end up costing you more in repairs. So why not start with "The Best".....'Schaff' - You'll be glad you did.

The Schaff #7 Student & #S-8 Craftsman Levers are ideal for the Apprentice Tuner. 6" Long with a lacquered wood handle, it has a smooth tapered feel.

7 Student Comes with a stationary stainless steel rod and a one-piece No17 Head & a #2 Star Tip - 5 Pitch angle, and measures 2-1/2" long. Overall length is 11" - $50.05

8 Craftsman - Has 13G 5 pitch angle head, and a 14B #2 Star Tip. It's equipped with a 2 piece Head, so you can change the tips. - $69.30

Gooseneck Tuning Levers

Schaff Tuning Levers with one-piece, non removable head.
These hammers are recommended for sweetening strings in between regular piano tunings.
Comes with 6-1/2" wood handle & nickel plated shaft with tuning tip. Overall length 12"
5A - Star Head - $32.50
5B - Square Head - $35.50
(The 5B tuning hammer is only used on tuning pins that are square all the way down the sides.) If your tuning pins are square on top but tapered down the sides, you require the Star Head #5A).
5C - Oblong Head - $35.50

4 - Schaff Nylon Tuning Hammer - $119.00

These Tuning Levers are similar in quality to our Schaff Hale Extension Tuning Levers except the stainless steel shaft is stationary.
Many technicians like the feel of the nylon handle as an alternative to wood. This tuning hammer has an 8" nylon handle with a chrome plated steel shaft.
The overall length is 11-1/2" and it comes with a 13G head & a 14B #2 Star Tip

21M - Schaff Mini-Rosewood Extension Lever -$166.60

Weighing only 11 ounces, this tuning hammer is designed to get as close to the tuning pin as possible.
Rosewood handle, 4" long - overall length is 7", extendable to 10" long.
Comes with a #2 Star Tip and has a Chrome plated steel, hexagonal shaft & collar.

16 - Schaff Nylon Extension Tuning Lever - $159.60
21R - 8" Long Replacement Extension Rod - 24.50

'The Technician's Choice' is this finest extension tuning hammer made by Schaff. Nylon handle for a better grip. The handle measures 9" with an overall length of 12". It has a chrome plated, steel hexagon shaft that allows for an extension of 5". It comes with #2 star Tip and weighs 17 ounces.

16C - Schaff compact Extendable Nylon Lever - $158.20

Nylon Handle 7" long with an overall length of 10" which can be extended to 15".
Weight - 14 ounces and comes with a #2 star tip.

12 - "T" Piano Tuning Lever - Square Tip - $32.63
The finest "T" tuning lever available.
Made of tough alloy steel that is nickel plated to withstand the hardest factory use. Lever has a 5" nylon handle, and an overall length of 6". - Square Tip.

6 - Student Rosewood Lever - $120.40

This tuning hammer has all the qualities of the other Rosewood levers except the stainless steel shaft is not extendable
Overall length is 11-1/2", which includes an 8" Rosewood handle. Come with the #13G Head and a #2 Star Tip

21C Compact, Extendable Rosewood Lever - $169.40

This Rosewood handle is only 6" long. Overall length is 10" which can be extended to 14-1/2".
Lever weighs 16 oz and comes with the #13G Head, a #2 Star Tip and a stainless steel hexagon shaft and collar.

21 Finest Quality Rosewood Extension Lever - $193.06
21R - 8" Long Replacement Extension Rod - 24.50

Schaff was the first company to introduce a Rosewood Tuning Lever to the industry.
This model includes an 8-1/2" Rosewood handle and a stainless steel collar with a non-slip hexagonal shaft. Weighs 18 ounces and is perfectly balanced.

Comes with the following:
13G Stainless Steel Head, 2 Star Tip
11 - Tuning Tip Wrench
Mackintosh Carrying Pouch
Overall length is 11-1/2" with a possible 6-1/2" extension.

21J Stationary Rosewood Tuning Lever - $150.50

This tuning lever is modeled after the Yamaha type in design appearance.
The overall length is 11-1/2" which includes an 8" Rosewood handle. It comes with a stainless steel collar, the #13G Head and a #2 Star Tip
Weight is 16 ounces.

$30. minimum order on all parts & tools

Schaff - Hale Piano Tuning Hammers / Tuning Levers
Priced from $32.50
Average rating:
26 reviews

Read all reviews

Featured positive reviews:

Schaff - Hale Piano Tuning Hammers / Tuning Levers
Priced from $32.50
Tuning Lever
I recently placed an order for Balance Rail Punchings and a Schaff - Hale Piano Tuning Hammer / Tuning Lever. I received the product in a timely manner and each worked as expected. I would not only order from Piano Showcase - www.vandaking.com again, but I would also recommend them to friends and acquaintances.
Schaff - Hale Piano Tuning Hammers / Tuning Levers
Priced from $32.50
It was a pleasure doing business with Piano Showcase Online. The tool I ordered worked perfectly,was of quality workmanship and the customer service excellent. I would do business with them again.
Schaff - Hale Piano Tuning Hammers / Tuning Levers
Priced from $32.50
Great Service
I studied piano tuning and regulation 50+ years ago at Northwestern and am finally getting back to it now that I have officially retired. They were very helpful and delivered quickly.
Schaff - Hale Piano Tuning Hammers / Tuning Levers
Priced from $32.50
The best!
I’ve ordered from others but this is the best! I completely restore pianos and need it all. They are fast and accurate. Don’t mess around, use these guys and you’ll be happy.
Schaff - Hale Piano Tuning Hammers / Tuning Levers
Priced from $32.50
Tuning Hammer
The tuning hammer is top of the shelf and the best I have ever used. The more expensive hammer is worth the money because the larger and longer handle works better for me.

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