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Molded One-Piece
Complete Keytop Replacement Kit

Average rating:
average rating 98%
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Retail Price: $91.75
Sale Price: $74.99
SKU #:1491K
** Please note during cold temperatures there may be a delay with shipping orders with glue due to freezing **

Made in Germany
Complete Kit for replacing your old worn & chipped keys on any Upright or Grand Piano. Easily fitted to keyboards with minimum or no filing required.
Fronts, heads & tails in one piece or
Heads & tails with no front.

Minimum or no shaping required, however, they can be filed easily for finishing to exact size if needed. Extra thickness makes it possible to cover all imperfections, and insures against uneveness so often apparent when thinner key covering material has been used.

Acrylic, scratch resistant. Will not discolour with age. Uniform colour guaranteed.

Set Includes:
1 Set of Molded Keytops
1 container of Keytop Adhesive ** Please note during cold temperatures we are unable to ship this product due to freezing **
1 Sable Brush for easy application.
1 bottle of Key Brite to keep your new keys clean & bright.

Head width - 7/8" Tails standard

Keytop Kit NO Fronts - 1491 - .080" Thick, 1-31/32" (50 MM)head , 4-1/8" tail
1491WK....Pure White $74.99
1491K...Light Cream $74.99

Keytop Kit NO Fronts - 1492 - .090" Thick, 2-1/16" (52 mm) head ,4-1/16" tail
1492WK....Pure White $79.99
1492K...Light Cream $79.99

Keytop Kit WITH Fronts - 1496 - .080" 1-31/32" (50 mm)head , 4-1/8" tail
1496WK...Pure White $74.99
1496K...Light Cream $74.99

Keytop Kit WITH Fronts - 1497 - .090" Thick, 2-1/16" (52 mm)head ,4-1/16" tail
1497WK...Pure White $79.99
1497K...Light Cream $79.99

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Average rating:
average rating 98%
14 reviews

Read all reviews

Featured positive reviews:

average rating 100%
Keytop Replacement 12/18/2015
By Grant Perry
Excellent quality product to replace the damaged ivories on my 105 year old piano. The fit of the keytops was excellent, and required only expected filing to make the fit perfect. Product looks great on the piano. Shipping was super fast. If you are doing a keytop replacement job on an old piano, budget time for the removals. It will take longer than you will anticipate based on my experience
average rating 100%
Absolutely Perfect 01/16/2016
By Cora Vanwolf
i needed an entire replacement ket set for my 1901 Bailey and this was perfect. i emailed Pete over at PeteSummers.com and he directed me here to the proper key set i needed. This was the first time ive ever worked on a piano, and after watching key top repair videos on howardpianoind channel on youtube and a visit to harbor freight tools, i got the job done in a month. thank you
average rating 100%
Wonderful!! 01/13/2014
By Daniel K. Black
This kit was exactly what I needed! I loved the high quality of the product. The keys made the piano look brand new. The packaging was great and delivered on time. Thank you for your outstanding service!
average rating 100%
keytops replacement 08/07/2013
Superb quality keytops and sharps fitting near perfectly my piano keys. Only minor and easy adjustments to do. Very pleased with those parts and the service. Thanks a lot.
average rating 100%
Great product 12/21/2017
By Paul
Great product ! Very easy to glue on and they held well!
Definitely easier with the one piece key tops . Trimming took about 2 min per key top with files .