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Electric Cement Knife Heater

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average rating 60%
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Price: $258.30
SKU #:180

Eliminates the hazard of fire where lacquers and shellacs are used.
Heats to correct temperature in a few minutes and is maintained automatically.
Manufacturer, EVERHARD
Continuous output of 115 watts (can be controlled with #906 heat control unit, see related items below)
Slot for knife is 2" wide by 4" deep
Average knife used 3/4" - can hold two.

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Average rating:
average rating 60%
2 reviews

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Heater was hard to find 01/11/2022
By Hubert Baker
I been searching for this product for quite sometime and nowthat I have it, I have been using it to repair some of the projects on my "to-do" list. Quality/material are all good stuff.

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