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Jaras 4-in-1 Let Off Rack

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Price: $221.20
SKU #:907

Jaras 4-in-1 Let off Rack, String Height, Backcheck and Damper Lever Height Gauge.

Tony Jaras has literally revolutionized the technology of the Piano Repair Industry. Over the past 25 years, thirteen inventions have been developed that will undoubtedly secure a high place in the piano repair history for Tony.
In association with Schaff, we are extremely proud to be able to distribute his exceptional line of tools.

This tool will last a lifetime and pay for itself many times over, and is a proven best seller to take the guesswork out of grand piano regulation. It performs the regulating functions with precision. The parts are made of quality materials, they completely disassemble and are light in weight.

(A) - String Height Gauge Attachment
Insert into either of the two stands and by placing underneath the string an accurate reading can be obtained from the ruler gauge.

(B) - The Let off Rod is then replaced into the stand and set for 1/16" lower than the string height reading. Now you are ready for Let Off Regulating.

(C) - Backcheck Gauge Attachment
Insert into stand like string height gauge attachment and set the same reading (shown in insert). The bottom of the bent rod will be 5/8" from the strings. When the hammer is the same height as the bottom of the rod, the backcheck will be properly set.

(D) - Damper Lever Height Gauge Insert into the base of the stand and set the top of the extended part of the gauge under the damper lever. This measurement should be made when the hammers are half-way elevated or keys half-way depressed.

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perfect 01/28/2017
By steve robson
How did I do this job before? makes accurate working very easy. Should enable me to work much faster and get better results. Well made and lightweight, flat packs for transport and easy to assemble with clear instructions