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E-Z Out Extractors

No reviews for this product.
Sale Price: $3.95
SKU #:983

Reverse thread extractors for removing agraffes, tuning pins, bolts and screws.
A hole is drilled in the broken part and the extractor is inserted. Turned to the left, the spiral flutes grip and remove the broken part without damaging the threads in the hole.
Extractors designed to work with our 989
983 -#2 Extractor, for Broken Agraffes - $3.95
3179 -# 3 Extractor, for Broken Tuning pins, bolts and screws - $5.95
984 -7/64" Drill, for #2 Extractor - $2.95
3180 -5/32" Drill for # 3 Extractor - $2.95

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No reviews for this product.