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Piano Hardware Assortment Kits
Buttons, Screws, Desk Knobs

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Price: $44.00

Assortment Kits

Special assortments of popular rubber nails, desk knobs, screws, hinge pins and other small items frequently ordered.
Conveniently packaged in clear plastic boxes.

Rubber Nails & Buttons - Item SP1 -$44.00
10 each of 17 sizes and colors of rubber nails and buttons - plus 1-1/2 dozen assorted wood top buttons.

Desk Knobs - Item SP2 - $63.20
32 pair assorted wood and brass desk knobs and buttons.

Flat Head Steel Wood Screws - Item SP4 - $46.32
18 sizes of flat head wood screws - 378 pieces.

Round Steel Wood Screws - Item SP5 - $46.40
18 sizes of round head wood screws - 408 pieces.

Brass & Nickel Plated Wood Screws - Item SP6 -$79.60
18 sizes of oval head and flat wood screws brass plated and nickel plated - 570 pieces.
All are popular sizes used on piano hardware and hinges.

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Average rating:
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Knobs 03/25/2013
By Carolyn Roberson
The service and the product I ordered were excellent. I received the product very quickly.
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helpful service 03/18/2021
By Miss Hall's School Miss Hall's School
I found what I needed to finish our piano service
average rating 100%
Great assortment and a great price 03/13/2021
By Ken Peterson
Great assortment at a great price JP p