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Padded Quilted 'Mackintosh' Fabric for Extra Protection

This 1/2" thick, strong padded Mackintosh fabric is manufactured of heavy black drill cotton in a 4" square quilted design and has a soft backing to protect the piano's finish.

Nice looking, yet hard wearing, this fabric provides excellent protection for pianos in a heavy traffic area and also will prevent marks to the piano when being moved around. Cover lid may have a seam depending on piano size.

Excellent for Schools, Studios, Churches, Hotels, Theaters, or anywhere more protection is required. Easy to put on and take off as needed. Black only (Brown Discontinued)

To determine the size of your piano, if you don't know the model, measure in a straight line from the farthest end at the back curve, across the closed top, to in FRONT of the keys... 
OR...Measure the entire length (front to back), underneath the piano.