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Clavinova Covers
Digital Upright Piano Covers
Priced from $159.00

Average rating:
average rating 97%
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Price: $159.00
SKU #:CO-300
All covers are made to order items and take 10-20 business days for manufacturing.

⇓ Please scroll down for full details and options available ⇓

For Help or to Order by phone - 1-800-791-7144

Click on each Fabric for a full description.

Mackintosh Fabric ⇐ Click for more information
Black Or Brown Mackintosh

Vinyl Fabric ⇐ Click for more information
Not all Vinyl is the same. Some vinyl covers we've seen are paper thin or look like plastic.
Our Vinyl is the correct weight for piano covers. Not paper thin and certainly not heavy duty.
Thick vinyl should not be used for piano covers because it will retain heat and put the piano out of tune....
Not to mention the hassle of getting it on & off the piano.
Black & Brown Vinyl - (Priced as listed below)
White, Sand Beige or Burgundy Vinyl- Add $20.00 to the list price below. - (Custom Made)

Classic 3/8" Quilted Fabric ⇐ Click for more information
Black only - add $25.00

Top of the Line 1/2" Quilted Fabric ⇐ Click for more information
Black Premium Quilted - add $40.00
Brown Premium Quilted - add $45.00

Quilted Padded Mackintosh ⇐ Click for more information (for extra protection)
Black Padded Quilted Mackintosh for Heavy Traffic Areas - Add $65.00 - (Custom made)
Brown Padded Quilted Mackintosh for Heavy Traffic Areas - Add $85.00 - (Custom made)

Option to have a slit in the back of the cover is available - $65.00

After selecting the height of your piano, please type in the dimensions as shown in the diagram below, and also the manufacturer's name and the model number if available.

For help with your order please call 1-800-791-7144.

A - Height (Top to bottom of instrument)
B - Depth - at the deepest point
C - Width - at the widest point
D - Distance from top of the side panel at the extreme front, to the bottom.
E - Depth of Apron
F - Depth of the Top


RACK - If a slit is required for a music rack that does not fold down, we require the width of the music rack. Distance in from both left and right side at the base and the distances in from the front of the top of the piano and in from the back as well. 

All upright covers made to measurements provided are custom made orders.

All covers are made to order items and take 10-20 business days for manufacturing.
Enter Make & Model

Height- Inches only- A: (See diagram at bottom of the page)

Depth at the deepest point-B :

Width at the widest point-C :

Distance from the top of the side panel - D:

Depth of Apron - E:

Depth of the Top - F :

Slit measurements for music rack if required:


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Average rating:
average rating 97%
30 reviews

Read all reviews

Featured positive reviews:

average rating 100%
Piano Cover for school piano 10/23/2013
I found all aspects of ordering my piano cover from your company to be easy to do, well assisted and very convenient. Your sizing charts were easy to follow. I called the company with a few questions and the people were courteous and informative. and professional. The order arrived promptly and was of great quality. I fond the whole experience very rewarding and will recommend you to other teacher
average rating 100%
Clavinova Cover 03/23/2020
By Michelle Woodard
We absolutely love our new piano cover. I spent the extra money and ordered the Quilted Padded Clavinova Cover. I am extremely pleased with the quality of stitching. The website makes it easy to navigate, specify your dimensions and order. I was also pleasantly surprised that my special order came so quickly. I highly recommend ordering your piano cover through Vanda King's Piano Showcase.
average rating 100%
Perfect Fit 12/04/2020
By Jason West
Our new piano cover looks great! I followed your measuring instructions and double-checked every measurement and the result is a perfect fit. The material matches the other piano cover we purchased from you. These covers are perfect to keep 'little hands' away from the keyboards while they are not being used. I really feel I got good quality for what I paid (and VERY reasonable for custom!)
average rating 80%
Great Cover 06/18/2014
By Brandon
We decided it was time to get a nice fitted cover for our Clavinova. After some searching and review reading we decided to go with this one. The material is exactly what I expected, the workmanship is excellent - definitely something I would recommend. Quality products aren't made overnight, so it will take a few weeks to get - but it's worth the wait.
average rating 100%
Clavinova cover 08/24/2014
By Donna M King
I purchased the cover for the clavinova in our church fellowship hall...it fits perfectly and looks very elegant..we love it. I was a little nervous about the measuring, but you did a fantastic job with the measurements I sent. We received it sooner than we expected and it was very convenient to order online. Great job! Thank You!

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