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Jansen Digital Grand Piano Covers

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Price: $299.99
SKU #:CO-J300

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Mackintosh Fabric ⇐ Click for more information
Black Or Brown Mackintosh

Vinyl Fabric ⇐ Click for more information
Not all Vinyl is the same. Some vinyl covers we've seen are paper thin or look like plastic.
Our Vinyl is the correct weight for piano covers. Not paper thin and certainly not heavy duty.
Thick vinyl should not be used for piano covers because it will retain heat and put the piano out of tune....
Not to mention the hassle of getting it on & off the piano.
Black & Brown Vinyl

Not all piano cover fabrics are created equal ...at Piano Showcase, only the finest & strongest fabrics are selected for durability, appearance and especially to protect your beautiful instrument.
Each cover order is custom manufactured to your specifications.

Available Digital Grand Models

Baldwin GPS 2500
Baldwin GPS 2600
Baldwin GRP3
Kawai CP 185
Kawai CP187
Kawai 200
Kawai 209
Kimball KD 140
Kimball KD 150
Kurzweil Mark 10

Kurzweil MPG200
Roland EP 9
Roland HP 109
Roland KG 777
Roland KR 15
Roland KR 17
Roland KR 111
Roland KR 115
Roland KR 117
Roland KR 977
Roland RG 1
Roland RG 3M
Roland SG 310
Roland V Grand
Samick SG 310
Samick SG 450
Samick 5PX 501
Samick 5PX 511
Suzuki 410
Suzuki 450 EX
Suzuki 4G 600

Suzuki MDG330
Suzuki HG 4255
Suzuki EP 500
Technics ERG
Wurlitzer 380
Yamaha 270
Yamaha 280
Yamaha 309
Yamaha 409
Yamaha 609
Yamaha CLP 175
Yamaha CLP 265
Yamaha CLP 295

Yamaha CLP 665

Yamaha CLP 465
Yamaha CLP 555
Yamaha CVP 600
Yamaha CVP 609
Yamaha CVP 709
Yamaha N-3 Avant
Yamaha DG II

Yamaha DGT2A


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The products manufactured by Paul Jansen & Son Inc are warranted for a period of one (1) year against any manufacturing defects. Excluded from warranty coverage: Normal wear and tear, misuse, damaged caused by user. They will repair or replace at their option. Any transportation costs are the responsibility of the customer.

No reviews for this product.