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Grand Piano Hydraulic One-Person Transporters for Steinways and Concert Grands

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Price: $3,180.00
SKU #:4900S

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Specially designed to support Steinway (including Hamburg Steinway) and Yamaha pianos.  This unit is configured to fit the trap work and detentions on these brands so there will be no interference with the lyre.

Apart from its ease of use and convenience, the Grand Transporters®  are perfect for use in Theatres, Concert Halls, on Stages etc., where aesthetics are important and you don't want to see a Truck Dolly under the piano.  Foldable arms are designed to save space and making storing easier. Folded Dimensions : 29"W x 38"L

If you're in a venue with several pianos, it takes the place of having to buy many different sized Grand Piano Truck dollies, and you also won't need 2 or 3 people to move the pianos.

The heavy duty frame is made from mig welded steel, 3" x 3"  tube on main frame and 2" x 5" steel tube on arms. Supplied with three 6 ton hydraulic jacks with adjustable urethane pads to grip the bottom of the piano.  

In less than one minute, one person can position the Grand Transporter® under the grand piano, lift the piano off the floor and move it.  The piano can be raised 8" - 10" off the floor, however 3"-4" is suitable to move in most applications.

Supplied with 8" single or dual urethane grey casters with silver frames, these units roll effortlessly over various surfaces.

4900S  Model Grand Transporter - 8" Diameter Single Wheels 
Supports pianos up to 1600lbs.
Works for Piano's 7'0" - 9'6" - $3180.00.  Tow Handle Included  
(This unit is recommended for Steinway and Yamaha pianos)

4900S-DW -Grand Transporter with 8" Diameter Dual Wheels 
Supports pianos up to 1800lbs.
Works for pianos 7'0" - 9'6" - $3460.00.  Tow Handle Included
(This unit is recommended for Steinway & Yamaha pianos)

The Tow Handle is included with either model at no extra cost.  Attach the tow handle to the back or rear jack tube to pull the frame with the piano in place, rather than push the piano.

To see how the Grand Transporter® fits under the piano CLICK HERE

Designed & built in the USA.

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No reviews for this product.