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Piano Tuning Kit

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Retail Price: $349.99
Sale Price: $294.99
SKU #:1982P


Schaff parts and tools have been the choice of 'Professional Piano Technicians' since 1884.
Each tuning hammer is accurately machined in the USA from the finest alloy steels.

** Of course there are many 'bargain' tuning hammers on the market including imported knockoffs,
however, there's an old saying...."You only get what you pay for".
The horror stories we hear of ruined tuning pins or tuning levers that break apart or bend, will just end up costing you more in repairs & frustration.
Why not start with "The Best".....'Schaff-Hale'- You'll be glad you did!

'Sweeten' some sour notes in between regular tunings, or learn how to tune your whole piano & perhaps even make some extra money tuning for others.

All the tuning hammers come equipped with the industry standard #2 Star tuning tip.
This tip is used on tuning pins that look square on the top, but are tapered. Different size heads & tips can be bought separately if needed.

Item #1982P - Professional Tuning Kit  - Our recommendation for both Upright & Grand Pianos. This hammer makes reaching over the apron of a grand piano much easier.
1 - Schaff Extension Tuning Hammer - Item # 16

There are no finer tuning levers produced at any price. These stainless steel hexagonal style extension levers come with an 8" NYLON handle. Weighing 18 ounces, this lever is perfectly balanced. Comes with a 13G head (5°, 1-1/4" long) &  14B #2 tip.

Overall length is 11-1/2" with a possible 6-1/2" extension.

1 - Tuning Fork
2 - Mutes with Handle (203 x 2)
6 - Rubber Mute Wedges (205 x 3, 202 x 3)
1 - Temperament Strip Muting Felt (209T)
1 - Carrying Tool Kit Pouch

(Shown below with extension rod -included with hammer)

We recommend purchasing the #11 Tuning Tip Wrench with the purchase of this kit.  This item can be ordered by clicking here

This tuning hammer has a two piece head and tip.  Optional sizes are available for purchase. (See related items below)


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Piano Tuning hammers, books and videos are final sale. No returns.

No reviews for this product.

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