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Lyre Braces - Solid Brass
Priced from $39.42

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average rating 80%
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Price: $39.42
SKU #:770A

Lyre Braces - Solid Brass - Per Pair
* Note photo may show only 2 screw holes for 771, however these now have 4.
770A -5/16" diameter. 12-1/4" long, 4 screw holes - $39.42 (Out of Stock)
770B -5/16" diameter. 13-1/2" long, 4 screw holes - $55.62
770C -5/16" diameter. 19-1/2" long, 4 screw holes - $85.05
771 - 5/16" diameter. 22-1/2" long, * New* 4 screw holes - $86.86

Measurements are from tip to tip.

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Average rating:
average rating 80%
8 reviews

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Featured positive reviews:

average rating 100%
Worked Great 02/25/2018
By Todd VanTasel
We were given a 1927 Lindeman & Sons baby grand piano that was missing a lyre brace. Measured the old brace at 22" so I ordered a pair of the 23" lyrce braces. After bending one end of each brace just a slight more, to make it more straight, they fit perfect!
average rating 100%
Good product 11/30/2016
By Philip Shideler
Had to modify the angle of the bends to make these fit our piano, but the lyre is now stable and we are happy with the repair. Received product in a timely manner.
average rating 100%
Piano psrts 07/26/2016
After a long search for parts, I was fortunate enough to try Vandaking.com.
A solution was found, and parts shipped promptly .
I'm a very hsppy cutomer!
average rating 80%
Description is inorrect. 01/12/2021
By Joseph Hill
The description says "* Note photo may show only 2 screw holes for 771, however these now have 4."

Mine came with only 2 holes, one at each end.
Drilling new holes was easier for me than waiting for an exchange, but it was frustrating to not receive what was expected.

Otherwise, the piece is beautiful and worked exactly as expected.
average rating 100%
lyre support rod 08/03/2018
By Sheila Sangster
These two rods worked out perfectly. I had read a previous review where someone else said they had to straighten out a little one end of both rods and I did also. After that, easy peasy.

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