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Upright Piano Dollies

Our range of Upright Piano Dollies are specifically designed to provide secure and reliable transportation for Full Size Upright Pianos.
We understand the importance of protecting your valuable instrument while moving it, which is why our dollies are built with high quality materials to provide durability and functionality.

NEED ASSISTANCE?     Please call us toll free.   We also supply 'Custom Made Dollies'.


Upright Piano Twin Dollies
by Jansen

Retail Price: $458.00
Sale Price: $375.10

Piano Twin Dolly Set
for Full Size Upright Pianos

Retail Price: $369.00
Sale Price: $314.50

Heavy Duty Piano Dollies
for Full Size Upright Pianos

Retail Price: $492.00
Sale Price: $444.99

Upright Piano Dolly

Retail Price: $899.00
Sale Price: $698.25
jansen dual piano or organ dolly, roll or kari

Jansen Dual Trucks for One Person Moving

Retail Price: $1,100.00
Sale Price: $981.99

Sutherland Piano Carrier

Retail Price: $513.00
Sale Price: $399.25