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Digital - Electric Keyboard Covers

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Price: $145.00
SKU #:CO-330

If your digital or electric piano looks more like a conventional acoustic piano, please see our Upright & Grand Covers Please Click Here

When ordering, all 6 measurements are required.  If the keyboard is a rectangle, please enter only A, B & C and note your piano make & model.

Vinyl Black / Brown - Base Price
Vinyl Burgundy / White / Sand Beige -(Custom) Adds $20.00
Mackintosh Fabric - Adds $10.00
Black Elegant Top of the Line Quilted Nylon - Adds $40.00
Brown Elegant Top of the Line Quilted Nylon - Adds $50.00
Black Heavy Quilted Mackintosh - Adds $65.00


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Average rating:
average rating 100%
8 reviews

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Featured positive reviews:

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N3X Cover 12/17/2020
By William Westcott
I couldn't find a 'ready-made' cover for my Yamaha N3X Hybrid Grand. The custom made cover fits perfectly. The quality of this cover is unmatched by any other on the market. Anyone concerned with the (competitive) cost should remember; you're protecting a multi-thousand dollar investment. Do you really want to rely on a trash-bag? I'm thoroughly pleased and impressed with my custom piano cover!
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Excellent fit and finish 12/20/2021
By G.S.
Great cover to protect my Casio GP-510 digital piano from dust, cats and wayward guests (or me) as the piano is in a high-traffic area in a locale prone to lots of environmental dust (Arizona). Black quilted Mackintosh fabric looks nice and offers some cushion from anyone or anything. Easy and stiff enough to lift off and fold into thirds.
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Good construction, quality materials 11/11/2020
By Kronquist
This cover is a nice, heavy duty fabric but light. There is a soft inner liner to protect the keyboard. The shape is right, and it's the right size to easily pull off or on in a second without struggling with the corners. I had it made that way, but you might want it tighter?
average rating 100%
Very Nice Cover 07/08/2023
By Connie Hunt
I am so happy to have found these folks. They made a really nice cover for my Wurly 200A. The ordering process was smooth and shipping fast. The cover is exactly what I envisioned too, well made, and looks very nice on the keyboard in the room :)
average rating 100%
Roland GP 607 Cover 08/20/2020
By Jonathan Townsley
We are very pleased with the black quilted piano cover we purchased. My wife (her piano) is very pleased with the quality and fit.
Also it arrived very timely.

Jonathan Townsley, Kailua Hawaii