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Grand Piano Hammers
Imadegawa Standard Bore

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Price: $440.00
SKU #:902-15J

Hammer Prices - Per Set
Item 902-15J - 15 lb Hammers - $440.00
Item 902-17J - 17 lb Hammers - $496.00

Hornbeam Moldings. Except for Steinway type which are Walnut
Magenta Underfelt
All stock sets are available in the following striking distances: 1-7/8", 2", and 2-1/8".

All bass section hammers are drilled at a 12º angle.
The Tenor section has 14 hammers at 9º, 12 hammers at 6º and the balance of tenor & treble at 0º.

A .204" diameter drill is used for the bore hole. All bored with a 0º pitch.   All hammers are available in 3 sizes of striking distance and 3 different weights.

Borings are 1-7/8", 2" and 2-1/8".
(This measurement is taken from the center of the bore hole to the top of the felt, allowing for wear on the #88 treble hammer).
Allow for wear or filing that may have taken place. (Don't use a bass hammer for measuring).

Custom Bored.... $50.00 Extra
If you select 'Custom Bored' Hammers, we will email the instructions on how and where to send the trials.

Enter number of Bass Hammers
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No reviews for this product.