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Mackintosh Grand Piano Covers by Size - Plain or Padded

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average rating 97%
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Price: $160.95
SKU #:CO-328

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Our Mackintosh fabric grand piano covers are manufactured in America and every cover is meticulously crafted by expert sewers with over 3 decades of experience, using only the finest premium fabrics.  Customize your cover with a range of options, including convenient side slits, secure locking straps, and the exquisite addition of embroidery.   All with Free Shipping

Along with our thousands of other customers, we are honored to supply piano covers to The White House and the Smithsonian Institute,


Mackintosh Plain Fabric
Mackintosh Quilted Padded - (Adds $65.00)

Custom Made Covers at No extra charge.

Side Slit option available - Adds $65.00 - Custom Made

Side slits are placed on each side of the piano above the legs. This allows you to fold back the cover and play your piano without removing the whole cover.

Floor length option available - Adds $90.00 -Custom made

Floor length covers cannot have the locking straps added.

 ⇐ Shown in Quilted Padded Mackintosh


Safety Locking Straps with 'D' Rings - Adds $35.00 - Custom Made

Locking straps work only with standard length covers.

The straps are sewn onto the cover, and are pulled together underneath the piano where the 'D' rings meet. You then put a lock through the 'D' rings. (Lock not included)

Generally used for protection in a commercial setting (Schools, Hotels, Churches, Studios etc.) to dissuade people from getting into the piano.   Sold as a set.   

Embroidered Piano Brand Name on Cover - Adds $75.00  - Custom made
2 Positions - Front or Side
Color choices : Gold or Silver ( Custom colors available on request)

Examples of positions available shown below.

 ⇐ Front Position

 ⇐ Side Position

Grand Piano Sizes
To determine the size of your piano - Measure in a straight line from the farthest end at the back curve, across the closed lid to in FRONT of the keys. Sometimes it's easier to measure the entire length of the piano from underneath.

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Average rating:
average rating 97%
54 reviews

Read all reviews

Featured positive reviews:

average rating 100%
Piano Cover 08/07/2020
By Mary E Vanderslice
After receiving instructions for measuring my square grand, the cover fits perfectly. Prior to placing my order, I had initially been hesitant because of a statement that warned that orders could not be returned if the buyer was not pleased with the cover sent. I worried needlessly. Thank you for your patience with me and for the help that I received from your staff in placing my order. Mary
average rating 100%
Pearl River Cover 06/22/2021
By Alexander Pavlov - Gurin
The cover is beautiful, thank you very much. Engraving is lovely thank you. Fits very well, however, even though it’s a standard five, it’s a little tight and she should have added additional half an inch or maybe an inch all around so so it fits a little bit freer. Otherwise it it fits like jeans that are one size too small. Otherwise it’s very beautiful and it works fine. Again thank you v
average rating 100%
Fits perfectly; feels safe; looks good 02/21/2020
By Stephen Hawkins
My piano is a 1906 Steinway B, companion since 1964, fully rebuilt and refinished in 2008. It is a beast and survived unscathed through 4 boys growing up in our household. Our crew had fled the nest when we invested in refinishing the piano to commence its 11th decade, but with the grand-kids now visiting regularly, I decided to protect my musical investment with a Mackintosh quilted cover.
average rating 100%
Great look and feel 09/08/2016
By Nicole Blain
I was a little nervous about how the material would look and feel, as this was for my home. I don't like the quilted look, but still required something breathable. I'm happy to report that the mackintosh looks and feels great. It's softer than denin. I use it primarily to protect my grand piano from sun/dust. Only complaint: it's just a little bit too big in length (better than too small!)
average rating 100%
Custom McIntosh Piano Cover 01/22/2018
By John Holobinko
I have a 7' 10" Knabe that was part of the Metropolitan Opera series, circa 1926, fully resstored. I was a bit nervous about having a custom cover made. We used an old sheet to create a template, carefully traced and cut it to the size of the piano and mailed iit off per the instructions. In about one week our cover came, perfectly fitted, the material is great and it looks great.