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MEDIUM Grand Piano Dolly with Brakes for Pianos 6'-7'6" by Schaff

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Retail Price: $889.00
Sale Price: $839.00
SKU #:4013

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These SCHAFF sturdy Grand Piano Dollies are made right here in the USA and are an essential accessory for moving your Grand Piano from room to room on solid surfaces or carpeting with ease and safety.  Perfect for Schools, Theaters, Churches or anywhere you need to move a grand piano more than a few inches.  Grand Pianos should never be moved any distance on their own legs. It will cause the bolts to strip and eventually break the legs. Easy assembly.

4013 - Medium size - SALE PRICE - $839.00
For Grand Pianos 6' to 7'6" - 3-1/2" square sockets

PLEASE NOTE: If your 6' to 7'6" Grand Piano has existing 5" diameter wheels, you will need the #S-4013SB Medium Dolly with larger leg cups, in order for the pedals to work.

4013SB - Medium - Special Bend  - SALE PRICE - $899.00
For Grand Pianos - 6' to 7'6" with existing 5" diameter Wheels

Size Exceptions:
Because of the way the legs are situated on the following pianos, please see the Size Exceptions.  For 6' & 6'1" Yamaha, Young Chang, Kawai & Samick grands please order the #4012 Small Dolly. 

The dollies come in a powder coat black baked on finish & are equipped with three 5" diameter, swivel casters with black polyurethane "Hi-Tech" wheels.
They're made of solid 1/2" thick U.S. steel and have brakes on all three of the wheels to prevent the piano from shifting position when in use.

The steel telescoping arms are easily adjusted to the angle of the piano legs, at the center of the dolly. At the end of each leg is a 3-1/2" square swivel socket to hold the piano legs.
The piano is raised only 2-1/2" from the floor, no higher than regular casters, so there is no interference with playing.

There are many piano makes and models that will require a different size dolly or will require a modified dolly. In order to properly ensure you receive the correct dolly for your piano we will require all information listed when ordering. Measure your piano from the very front of the keyboard to the tail end.  (Sometimes it's easier to measure underneath the piano.)

You can email this information to our technical department along with your make, model and size of piano.  The A, B and  C measurements from the diagram below are also required. Measure from the center of each leg to the next.


It is imperative that you supply these measurements. 

Please feel free to call us (1-800-791-7144) or email tech support for assistance with ordering the correct dolly for your piano. https://www.vandaking.com/contact.html     

Shim kits may be required on pianos originally equipped with larger 3" - 5" diameter casters. ($55.00 extra special order - please call us at (1-800-791-7144) To determine how many, if any, kits are required. Please measure the distance from the bottom of the piano leg to the floor.  A set of three  black steel shims  3-3/4”   X   4-1/2”     X    ½” (thickness). The kit comes with the appropriate length bolts for installation.

We require your Piano Make, Model & Size

A Measurement in inches: (Diagram at bottom of page)

B Measurement in inches:

C Measurement in inches:

Height of current caster (wheel only)in inches:

Distance from the floor to the bottom of the piano leg in inches:

Distance from the floor to the bottom of the pedal lyre in inches


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Because of the way the legs are situated on the following pianos, please see the Size Exceptions.

For 6' & 6'1" Yamaha, Young Chang, Kawai & Samick grands please order the #4012 Small Dolly. Also the Yamaha 6'6", 6'7" and the Baldwin 6'4" require the #4012 Small Dolly.

Remove wheels before placing piano on the dolly.
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Very satisfied 01/16/2024
By Nadia K.
I purchased this piano dolly for Steinway B owned by the music organization I belong to. It arrived quickly and was easily assembled by our handyman in about an hour. It fits the piano perfectly (be sure to provide all necessary measurements when ordering) and looks very nice. The price and free shipping are unbeatable. Overall, very satisfied with the purchase, price and experience.
average rating 100%
Works Well 03/27/2024
By Robert Smith
I bought this for my 7' 6" Wm. Knabe piano so I could move it around my living room, I had to make some adaptations since I opted for double legs when I remade them 40 years ago, but it work perfectly and I was able to move the piano with ease. It was easy to assemble and used common wrench sizes and bolts.
average rating 100%
Piano Dolly on-line purchase 04/22/2024
By Gerhard Haas
Purchase experience was all-around positive: web site clear, customer service responsive, product delivered exactly matched product as advertised, and fair price.
average rating 100%
Good dolly, works as expected 08/28/2023
By James Smith
No surprises here, this dolly was exactly as expected. It was simple and easy to assemble, it's built for the job with tough steel. I'm very happy.