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Tuning Forks - Single
Priced from $22.40

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Price: $22.40
SKU #:2110

John Walker Tuning Forks
Imported from Sheffiield, England.
John Walker tuning forks have been manufactured for more than 150 years. They enjoy a long standing reputation for accurately maintaining pitch. Each is furnished with it's own case.
Wittner, for the player who demands more accurate tuning. A special quality plated steel w/clear tone and longer sound.
Please note that we will send whichever one is currently in stock.
With proper care, a good tuning fork will last indefinitely. When not in use, your forks should be properly protected and kept out of contact with other tools.....$22.40

Blued Tuning Forks
2110 - A-440 Universal Pitch, 5" - $22.40
2111 - C-523.3 Universal Pitch, 5" - $22.40
2113 - C-517.3 Universal Pitch, 5" - $22.40
2115 - A-435 Universal Pitch, 5" - $50.40
2110SP - A-442 Universal Pitch, 5" - $50.40
2111SP - C-525.7 Universal Pitch, 5" - $50.40

John Walker blued steel forks in the temperament octave from C-261.6 to C-523.3. Forks vary in length from 5-5/32" to 6-1/2" long.

Price- $50.40

Y-2124C- C-261.6 
Y-2124D- D-293.7 
Y-2124F- F-349.2 
Y-2124A#-A#-466.2 - 
Y-2124E- E-329.6 - 
Y-2124C#- C#-277.2 
Y-2124B- B-493.9
Y-2124F#- F#-370 
Y-2124D#- D#-311.1 
Y-2124G- G-392 
Y-2124G#- G#-415.3 


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Average rating:
average rating 100%
2 reviews

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Featured positive reviews:

average rating 100%
pleased with quality 01/06/2019
By Benjamin L. Manifold
Tuning fork was received and immediately used for tuning my 1928 Mehlin 6 foot grand. The fork was used to calibrate my electronic tuner as well as direct tuning to A440. I am very pleased to have made this purchase. It arrived in a timely manner and was most reasonably priced. Thanks and best wishes to all at Vanda King.
average rating 100%
Perfect 03/24/2018
By Mike Nemeth
Good quality, and the tone sustains for a very long time.