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Schaff Key Leveling Device

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Price: $69.12
SKU #:255

This tool is a proven best seller that makes white key leveling easier, faster and more accurate. A perfect companion when replacing front and balance rail punchings. Once the float pin is set, the variation in height of each key is readily evident.

This tool made by 'Schaff' in the USA is Casted Aluminum, measuring 3-1/2" high x 3" wide, and should not be confused with some much less expensive, imported light weight models found on other websites, who are using the Schaff picture.
Comes complete with Instructions.

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Average rating:
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Featured positive reviews:

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Key Leveling Device 01/27/2015
By Leslie Fredrickson
The Schaff Key Leveling Device worked as expected, giving a high degree of precision.
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Schaff Key Leveling Device 05/15/2014
By Gary Alampi
What a clever little device. Really saves a lot of pain and time.