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Polyester Refinishing Repair Kit

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Our complete Konig Polyking Polyester Repair Kithas everything you need for perfect repairs and polishing on High Gloss finishes.

The Konig Company of West Germany is the European leader in the development & manufacture of "State of the Art" refinishing & touch up materials.

Over 45 years ago, German piano makers started using polyester finishes and just in the past few years, German chemists have found a fool-proof way to fix them.

In the past, polyester repair was complicated by long curing times, unpredictable chemical reactions and a short 9 month shelf life for the polyester. With these products, you can expect an 18 month shelf life, and the hardening process only takes twenty minutes so you can see same day results.


Polyester Touch-Up Repair Manual

Carrying Case

Basic Repair Kit:
Special Polyester Lacquer - 4 oz (120 ml)
Polyester Lacquer Hardener - 10 gm
Mixing Cups - 10
Mixing Spatulas - 10

French Curve Scraper - 1
Metal Planer - 1
Special Scraper - 1

Cloth, Ultra Soft - 10
Cork Sanding Block - 1
Dam Sheets, 9" x 5-1/2" - 5
Felt Pad (sanding and polishing)
Pipette (dye/pigment dropper) - 5

Repair Colors:
Intensive Black Dye - 30 ml
Asian Black Pigment - 30 ml
Black (Blue Hue) Pigment - 30 ml

Rex-Lith Gel Filler:
Transparent Filler Kit - 100 ml

Wet/Dry Sandpaper Assortment - 20 pack
(4 of each grit: 220-400-600-1000-1200)
Sanding Lubricant - 150 ml

Compounds and Polishes:
Medium Compound Paste - 6 oz
Fine Compound Paster - 6 oz
Polishing Paste - 150 ml
Final Finish Liquid - 6 oz





Due to the composition of materials - this item is considered hazardous and cannot ship by Mail, Air or outside the USA.

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No reviews for this product.