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Treble Piano Wire
Various Sizes

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Treble Piano Wire
Various Sizes
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Scroll Down to select available coil and wire sizes. Click on the size to order.

We carry famous 'Roslau' Piano Wire imported from Germany & 'Mapes' International Gold Wire made in the USA.

Piano wire is the "Blue Chip" of the steel industry. Because of its exacting requirements, only the finest grade steel of precise chemical analysis is used in its manufacture.
To help assure beauty of tone, it must be exceedingly uniform in thickness and roundness. Tolerances are held to .0003".
This wire is the finest you can buy. Available in polished finish only. Measured by American Standard Music Gauge.

CLICK HERE   for wire sizes and how much is in each one lb coil.

Roslau Wire

Complete Set of 12 -1/3 lb Reels of Wire
Sizes 12 to 22

1/4 lb Coils
Size 4/0 Thinnest Wire

1/4 lb Coils
Sizes 3/0 to 0 Thinner Wire

1/4 lb Coils
Sizes 1 to 4 Thin Wire

1/3 lb Coils- No Brake
Sizes 12 to 22

1/3 lb Coils With Brake
Sizes 12 to 22

1/2 lb Coils
Sizes 5 to 11

1 lb Coils Sizes 12 to 22
Sizes 12 to 22 - including 1/2 sizes

5 lb Coils
Sizes 12 to 26

Wire Canister for and 1 lb coils

Mapes American Wire
Premium Grade Mapes International Gold Series wire manufactured in the U.S.A. Drawn to international standards from the world's finest steel. Exceptional strength & resistance to elongation.

Mapes 1 lb Gold Wire
Sizes 12-22

Mapes 5 lb Gold Wire
Sizes 12-22

#S-166 - Wire Canisters
The most economical and practical way to store piano wire & stop it from tangling. Our two piece canisters hold any standard 1/2 lb or 1 lb coils of wire. Wire feeds from large center hole. May be refilled over and over.
Use one for each size wire.

Wire Canister for and 1 lb coils

Apart from pianos, music wire has a variety of uses. The following list shows some of the common uses and the corresponding wire sizes.
#5 - Nasal, Surgical
#6 & #13 - Butter
#7 & #10 - Cheese
#8 & #9 - Cookies, Tonsils, Surgical
#11 - Fisherman
#26 - Auto Choke
Due to the composite nature of piano wire, we do not accept returns.

Treble Piano Wire
Various Sizes
Average rating:
2 reviews

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Featured positive reviews:

Treble Piano Wire
Various Sizes
All is good
The order went well. No complaints. I will order from you again if I have the need to. I bought 10 lbs of 14.4 piano wire and it will be a long time before I need more. But thank you. Your piano wire and your service is the best.
Treble Piano Wire
Various Sizes
The site was very user friendly and informative making it easy to choose the correct piano wire.

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