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Grand Piano Leg Dollies Round Double Wheels Set of 3

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average rating 98%
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Retail Price: $349.00
Sale Price: $262.20
SKU #:4018

Set of (3) individual caster cup dollies for use under each Grand Piano Leg.
Cast Iron with 3 sets of double ball bearing swivel rubber casters.
Quickly mounted to grand leg with standard socket.

The 'spring mounted spindle' allows for easy movement over rugs or high spots. Raises the piano no higher than standard casters.

These dollies do serve their function, but cannot fully give the protection and the durability of a Grand Piano Stage Truck Dolly.

Stem is 7/16" in diameter
From wheel to wheel 6-3/8"

The piano leg would be lifted 2-3/4”  from the floor.

4" inside diameter.

These Dollies should not be used in place of a Grand Piano Truck Dolly where the piano needs to be moved more than a few inches.

Grand pianos should never be moved around , on their own legs. This will cause the bolts on the legs to strip, eventually breaking the legs.

• For specific applications only:
• Recommended for Hard Surface Floors (Not Carpet)
• Recommended for moving pianos short distances
• Recommended for moving pianos within a room
• Recommended for grand pianos under 6’
• Not to be used in place of a Grand Piano Dolly
• Not recommended for schools
• Not recommended for stage applications

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Close up of wheel

Question: Can I remove the pin if I wish to use for a different application ? (Bill C - Idaho)
Answer : There is a screw on the bottom of the unit that can be removed which releases the pin and spring. It is somewhat difficult to get it back in after it has been removed.
Average rating:
average rating 98%
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Featured positive reviews:

average rating 100%
Piano leg dollies as above 07/05/2014
By Harry Spinelli
I'm most pleased with the Schaff piano leg dollies. They perfectly meet the need of assuring safe movement of my valuable piano. I am grateful for the information given by the telephone representative which led to my choice of product. She was courteous, efficient, and precise about all details, including the delivery date, which was unbelievably prompt. I will highly recommend your company.
average rating 100%
Splendid truly Individual Service 10/18/2014
By John
& timely service, including accurate increase in # of items ordered just a day ahead of anticipated ship date. VERY pleased with quality. Already used to move a gr piano. Worked just as advertised! Working on my next order ... Thanks to your knowledgeable and friendly reps, you've gained yet another long-term customer. Wonderful to find real service alive and well ;-) John
average rating 100%
Awesome Service 10/30/2020
By Heacock
I am a new customer and as such I’m always a little apprehensive about dealing with someone for the first time. I need not be. Answered my questions and dealt with a return in the most professional way possible. I found the website easy to use and the shipping could not have been faster. Five stars for sure.
average rating 100%
Everything you want this product to be 11/06/2019
By Walter Tambor
These easy to install, sturdy, well-designed wheels do everything you want them to do. For a situation where you may not want or need a full piano dolly, these simple wheel dollies will serve you well. Highly recommend.
average rating 100%
Pianist/Organist/Worship Planner 04/15/2018
By Louise Cruz
The leg dollies arrived very promptly and were installed by a local Steinway technician. They look great, give the safe mobility we needed, and add nothing to the height of the keyboard. Thank you for your service!