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Steinway Grand Piano Covers

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average rating 99%
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Price: $157.95
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Our American-made Steinway piano covers are meticulously crafted by expert sewers with over 3 decades of experience, using premium fabrics.  Customize your cover with a range of options, including convenient side slits, secure locking straps, and the exquisite addition of embroidery.   All with Free Shipping

Along with our thousands of other customers, we are honored to supply piano covers to The White House, the Smithsonian Institute & the Vatican in Rome

Our piano covers are crafted in the United States and tailored specifically for you when you place your order. Generally, covers are shipped within 3-8 business days. Embroidery may slightly extend the production time.

Steinway Grand Piano Covers

Steinway - 5'1" - Model S
Steinway - 5'7" - Model M
Steinway - 5'10-1/2" - Model L
Steinway - 5'10-1/2" - Model O
Steinway - 6'1-1/2" - Model A -Round - Introduced in 1878
Steinway - 6'1-1/2" - Model A Square - Introduced in 1896
Steinway - 6'2" - Model A  Modern - Introduced in 2005 
Steinway - 6'4-1/2" - Model A3 - Introduced in 1913
Steinway - 6'11" - Model B
Steinway - 7'0" - Duo Art
Steinway - 7'5" - Model C
Steinway 8'11-3/4" - Model D Concert

Steinway 6'1-1/2" pianos have either a round & square tail. We request a photo of the tail of the piano via email, prior to order processing.

If you don't see your size listed, please view our Grand Piano Covers by Size

Vinyl Black / Brown - Base Price
Vinyl Burgundy / White / Sand Beige -(Custom) Adds $20.00
Mackintosh Black / Brown - Adds $10.00
Black Elegant Top of the Line Quilted Nylon - Adds $40.00
Brown Elegant Top of the Line Quilted Nylon - Adds $50.00
Black Heavy Quilted Mackintosh - Adds $65.00

Side Slit option available - Adds $65.00 
Side slits are placed on each side of the piano above the legs. This allows you to fold back the cover and play your piano without removing the whole cover.


Floor length option available - Adds $90.00 -Custom made
Floor length covers cannot have the locking straps added.

Safety Locking Straps with 'D' Rings - Adds $35.00 - Custom Made
Locking straps work only with standard length covers.
The straps are sewn onto the cover, and are pulled together underneath the piano where the 'D' rings meet. You then put a lock through the 'D' rings. (Lock not included)

Generally used for protection in a commercial setting (Schools, Hotels, Churches, Studios etc.) to dissuade people from getting into the piano.   Sold as a set.   

Embroidered Piano Brand Name on Cover - Adds $75.00  - Custom made
2 Positions - Front or Side - Gold or Silver
Examples of positions available shown below.


How to measure your piano.
Measure in a straight line from the farthest end at the back curve, across the closed lid to in FRONT of the keys. Sometimes it's easier to measure the entire length of the piano from underneath.

For Extra protection in a commercial setting;
e.g. Hotels, Theaters, Studios, Schools, Auditoriums etc., see our Commercial Heavy Duty Cover Commercial Heavy Duty Water Resistant Covers


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Average rating:
average rating 99%
190 reviews

Read all reviews

Featured positive reviews:

average rating 100%
Steinway B cover 02/16/2020
By Thomas Knapp
Cover arrived before I expected and fits great and looks wonderful.
I used the medium fabric as it is my home music room and does not get a lot of traffic around it. So I place cover on if I have service people working in the house or house keepers deep cleaning with items that may bang the edges and then place the cover on when i am gone for extended periods 1-5 months to protect the instrument.
average rating 100%
Steinway piano cover 02/28/2024
By Nigel Page
Beautiful cover perfectly made and top quality.
Ordering made easy with excellent communication.
Postage fast especially as it was to Australia.
Superb value.
Can thoroughly and absolutely recommend Vandaking to anyone wishing to purchase a piano cover.
I researched all sellers of piano covers and Vandaking came out on top on assessment and my assessment proved correct...Many thanks.
average rating 100%
Thank you! 03/12/2013
By Bob King
We inherited our Steinway M about 10 days prior to a previously scheduled kitchen remodel was due to start. Because of the proximity of the piano to our kitchen, it was imperative that it be covered. We ordered a simple vinyl cover from Vandaking using their easy online form and without paying any exhorbitant shipping fees, viola, it arrived 2 days before the remodel. It looks great too! Thanks
average rating 100%
High Class Cover! 04/17/2015
Our church Steinway Model M needed a new cover and we ordered the brown quilted padded MacIntosh, top of the line with flannel backing. The cover is beautifully made, has the side slits which allow me to practice without removing the cover. It is lovelier and more functional and protective than we'd anticipated. We expect many, many years of use from this beautifully crafted piano cover. Thank you
average rating 100%
Beautiful Piano Cover 10/03/2016
By Lauren Conte
We needed a cover to protect our piano from our cats. I chose the Vinyl Burgundy with side slits and embroidery. I am able to damp wipe it when necessary, the burgundy matches our decor, the felt is soft but thick and the embroidery is very elegant. The side slits allow access to play without removing the entire cover. It's a bit tight at the edges, but otherwise love it and it arrived quickly