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Travis Tuning Pin and Coil Cleaner

No reviews for this product.
Sale Price: $32.50
SKU #:111

The steel coil cleaner cylinder can be used with a 1/4" electric or hand drill. Rust and dirt can be removed from tuning pins quickly by placing a small amount of metal polish on pin head, and with the rubber bushings inserted into the steel cylinder and over the tuning pin, work up and down to clean.

111 Kit includes:
* 24 Rubber Bushings
* Steel Cylinder
* 1.76 oz. Tube of Metal Polish (no longer jar- see below)

111 - Tuning Pin and Coil Cleaner Kit - $32.50
111B - Extra Rubber Bushings - .25 each
111C - 1.76 oz. Tube of Cleaning Compound - $13.50

See photos of 111B and 111C in Additional Photos tab below.

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No reviews for this product.