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Upright Piano Covers
Several Fabrics
Priced From $163.00

Measurements A through F - ( See information and diagram at bottom of page )

SKU #: CO-30
Sale Price: $163.00
Upright Piano Covers
Several Fabrics
Priced From $163.00
Average rating:
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Scroll down to select your size.
Covers for vertical pianos and full size digital pianos.

For Help or to Order by phone - 1-800-791-7144

Click on each Fabric for a full description.

Mackintosh Fabric
Black Or Brown Mackintosh- Prices are as listed below

Vinyl Fabric
Not all Vinyl is the same. Some vinyl covers we've seen are paper thin or look like plastic.
Our Vinyl is the correct weight for piano covers. Not paper thin and certainly not heavy duty.
Thick vinyl should not be used for piano covers because it will retain heat and put the piano out of tune....
Not to mention the hassle of getting it on & off the piano.
Black & Brown Vinyl - (Priced as listed below)
White, Sand Beige or Burgundy Vinyl
Add $20.00 to the list price below. - (Custom Made)

Classic 3/8" Quilted Fabric
Black only - add $25.00

Top of the Line 1/2" Quilted Fabric
Black Premium Quilted - add $40.00
Brown Premium Quilted - add $50.00

Quilted Padded Mackintosh (for extra protection)
Black Padded Quilted Mackintosh for Heavy Traffic Areas - Add $65.00 - (Custom made)
Brown Padded Quilted Mackintosh for Heavy Traffic Areas - Add $85.00 - (Custom made)

Option to have a slit in the back of the cover is available - $65.00

Embroidered Piano Name on Cover - $75.00
Front Embroidery
Metallic Gold, Metallic Silver, Pink, Blue, Yellow, White

After selecting the height of your piano in the drop down box below...please type in the dimensions as shown in the diagram below, and also the manufacturer's name and the model number if you have it.

UP34 - Spinet 34" high - $163.00
UP36 - Spinet 36" high - $166.00
UP38 - Spinet 38" high - $171.00
UP40 - Console 40" high - $175.00
UP42 - Console 42" high - $179.00
UP43 - Studio 43" high - $181.00
UP44 - Studio 44" high - $183.00
UP45 - Studio 45" high - $184.00
UP46 - Studio 46" high - $185.00
UP47 - Studio 47" high - $187.00
UP48 - Upright 48" high - $188.00
UP49 - Upright 49" high - $190.00
UP50 - Upright 50" high - $192.00
UP52 - Upright 52" high - $193.00
UP54 - Upright 54" high - $197.00
UP56 - Upright 56" high - $201.00
UP58 - Upright 58" high - $203.00

For help with your order please call 1-800-791-7144.


A - Height
B - Depth - at the deepest point
C - Width - at the widest point
D - Distance from top of the side panel at the extreme front, to the floor.
E - Depth of Apron
F - Depth of the Top

All upright covers made to measurements provided are custom made orders.

Upright Piano Covers
Several Fabrics
Priced From $163.00
Average rating:
74 reviews

Read all reviews

Featured positive reviews:

Upright Piano Covers
Several Fabrics
Priced From $163.00
Piano Cover
I placed my order over the phone and was very pleased with the help I received. The measurement instructions were perfect and our cover fit great! I also had to call to request a receipt so I could get reimbursed and staff was very accommodating. Great company! I was surprised to see an additional charge for Foreign processing fee added to my VISA $3.66 I thought you were back east??
Upright Piano Covers
Several Fabrics
Priced From $163.00
Excellent Product
This is used for the piano in our social hall. Initially it seemed a little pricey to me but it is well worth the cost. Received great help over the phone to insure correct measurements. We purchased the mackintosh quilted padded cover and would gladly order it again, especially in a high traffic area. Provides great protection when high schoolers are playing floor hockey!
Upright Piano Covers
Several Fabrics
Priced From $163.00
Bought this cover for an upright piano in a community center that was taking a good amount of abuse with no cover. Children left fingerpaint, sparkles and dirty fingerprints. Now this beautiful cover solves all the problems. Piano is only uncovered when the children have supervision. And the cover is lovely and so it adds a lot to the huge room it is in. It looks elegant.
Upright Piano Covers
Several Fabrics
Priced From $163.00
Our church purchased a very nice Kohler-Campbell upright for the choir/meeting room. We wanted to keep it nice but accessible to anyone capable of playing it, but not just kids banging on it. So, we purchased this cover and it is perfect. It is easy to use and does the job. It came quickly and in good shape. Watch for the sales. I missed it, but still worth it.
Upright Piano Covers
Several Fabrics
Priced From $163.00
Extremely Pleased Customer
I am extremely pleased with my purchases (piano cover and bench cushion)! I called customer service with a question regarding measurements prior to placing my order--the agent was professional and very helpful. The items are perfect for my needs and they are well made and look great. The transaction was easy and the receipt of the items was quick!

Featured negative reviews:

Upright Piano Covers
Several Fabrics
Priced From $163.00
Upright piano cover
Very good help in deciding on measurements for the piano cover. I think it will do very well, and it looks nice. Order was taken care of promptly and delivered in good time.
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