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Vinyl Grand Piano Covers
5 Colors

Vinyl Grand Piano Covers
5 Colors
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Sale Price: $145.00
SKU #:CO-331

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With over 30 years experience, our expert sewers make the finest piano covers in the industry. Our covers can be seen on the pianos at Hollywood's Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, the Smithsonian Institute & even the TV show Desperate Housewives bought their Piano Covers from us.

The cover sizes listed below can be used on many different makes of pianos. To determine the size (length) of your grand piano, measure in a straight line from the farthest end at the back curve, across the top of the closed lid, to in FRONT of the keys. - (as shown in the picture above) or.... underneath the piano from front to back.

We can also make the length of your cover to go to the floor. Custom Made $90.00 extra.

Click on fabric for a full description.

Vinyl Fabric
Not all Vinyl is the same. Some vinyl covers we've seen are paper thin or look like plastic.
Our Vinyl is the correct weight for piano covers. Not paper thin and certainly not heavy duty.
Thick vinyl should not be used for piano covers because it will retain heat and put the piano out of tune....
Not to mention the hassle of getting it on & off the piano.
Black & Brown Vinyl - (Priced as listed below)
White, Sand Beige or Burgundy Vinyl
Add $20.00 to the list price below. - (Custom Made)

Side Slits Add $65.00 - Custom Made

Safety Locking Straps with 'D' Rings
Set of Locking Straps - add $35.00 to the list price-(Custom made)

Embroidered Piano Name on Cover - $75.00
2 Positions - Front or Side
Metallic Gold, Metallic Silver, Pink, Blue, Yellow, White

Custom Made Covers - No extra charge.

Scroll down to select your piano make, size and fabric, then order from the drop down menus at the top of the page
For assistance call toll free 1-800-791-7144.

Important: Please type in the Name & Size of your Piano in the box provided.

Miscellaneous Sizes:
If your cover size is not listed, select the next size up, or put your measurements
in the drop down box above and the price will be the same as the next size listed.

Small Digital Grand Piano -Template will be required- $130.00
#PSC4-6 - fits Grands 4'6" - $145.00
#PSC4-8 - fits Grands 4'8" - $147.00
#PSC4-10 - fits Grands 4'10" - $148.00
#PSC5-0 - fits Grands 5'0" - $149.00
#PSC5-2 - fits Grands 5'2" - $150.00
#PSC5-4 - fits Grands 5'4" - $155.00
#PSC5-5 - fits Grands 5'5" - $159.00
#PSC5-6 - fits Grands 5'6" - $164.00
#PSC5-8 - fits Grands 5'8" - $164.00
#PSC5-9 - fits Grand 5'9" - $165.00
#PSC5-10 - fits Grands 5'10" - $166.00
#PSC6-0 - fits Grands 6'0" - $166.00
#PSC6-2 - fits Grands 6'2" - $167.00
#PSC6-3 - fits Grands 6'3" - $168.00
#PSC6-7 - fits Grands 6'7" - $170.00
#PSC6-8 - fits Grands 6'8" - $174.00
#PSC7-0 - fits Grands 7'0" - $176.00
#PSC7-5 - fits Grands 7'5" - $184.00
#PSC8-2 - fits Grands 8'2" - $190.00
#PSC8-6 - fits Grands 8'6" - $194.00
#PSC9-0 - fits Grands 9'0" - $196.00
#PSC9-0-BOS - fits 9'0" Bosendorfer - $210.00
#PSC9-6-BOS - fits 9'6" Bosendorfer - $225.00

Custom Size Measurements: Piano Name/Size:

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Vinyl Grand Piano Covers
5 Colors
Average rating:
10 reviews

Read all reviews

Featured positive reviews:

Vinyl Grand Piano Covers
5 Colors
Outstanding service
From the answers provided by e-mail on the product options, to the chat room providing real-time help during the on-line ordering process, to the very short manufacturing and delivery delays, I remained highly impressed. And the cover received totally meets my expectations. The experience was sincerely excellent; the se and I will highly recommend this company to my friends, colleagues and family
Vinyl Grand Piano Covers
5 Colors
Beautiful custom fit
I chose to go with the custom fit vinyl cover since it was no extra cost. I'm really glad I did because the cover fits beautifully. All I had to do was make a template, send it in and I got my cover in about a week. Service was super fast and excellent quality.
Vinyl Grand Piano Covers
5 Colors
superb setvice
Thank you so much Vandaking for an amazing and prompt service. I got a cover that fits the unique shape of the late 19th century piano at an affordable price. Your service was superb. It was a pleasure to work with you. Maxim Anikushin
Vinyl Grand Piano Covers
5 Colors
The company was very helpful as this was the first cover I've ever ordered. They helped me decide the proper size. It was delivered right on time and the fit was great.
Vinyl Grand Piano Covers
5 Colors
Piano Cover
It arrived in a timely manner in great shape and fits perfectly. Thank you so much.