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Yamaha Grand Piano Covers

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average rating 97%
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Price: $152.95
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Our American-made Yamaha piano covers are meticulously crafted by expert sewers with over 3 decades of experience, using premium fabrics.  Customize your cover with a range of options, including convenient side slits, secure locking straps, and the exquisite addition of embroidery.   All with Free Shipping

Along with our thousands of other customers, we are honored to supply piano covers to The White House and the Smithsonian Institute,


If you don't see your size listed, please view our Grand Piano Covers by Size

For Yamaha Digital Grand Pianos - Click Here

Yamaha 4’7”
Yamaha 4’11” – Models GA1, GA1E, GB1
Yamaha 5’0” – Model GB1K
Yamaha 5’3” – Models G1, C1, GC1, G1F, GH1B, GP1, DCIII, DCIIIXG, DC1S, C1X
Yamaha 5’8” – Models G2, GC2, G2F, C2, DC2, DC211XG,C2X
Yamaha 6’1” – Models G3, G3F, C3, C3F, DC3, C3X,S3X
Yamaha 6’3” – Models S4, S-400B, CF4
Yamaha 6’6” – Model G5
Yamaha 6’7” – Models C5, C5E, C5F, DC5, C5X, S5X
Yamaha 6’11” – Models C6F, S6, DC6, C6X, S6X, CF6
Yamaha 7’0” – Model C6D
Yamaha 7’4” – Models C7D, C7E, CD7A
Yamaha 7’6” – Models C7, C7F, DC7, C7X,S7X
Yamaha 8’2” – Model SC
Yamaha 9’0” – Models C4, CF3, CF, CFIIIS, CFX

Vinyl Black / Brown - Base Price
Vinyl Burgundy / White / Sand Beige -(Custom) Adds $20.00
Mackintosh Black / Brown - Adds $10.00
Black Elegant Top of the Line Quilted Nylon - Adds $40.00
Brown Elegant Top of the Line Quilted Nylon - Adds $50.00
Black Heavy Quilted Mackintosh - Adds $65.00

Side Slit option available - Adds $65.00 
Side slits are placed on each side of the piano above the legs. This allows you to fold back the cover and play your piano without removing the whole cover.


Floor length option available - Adds $90.00 -Custom made
Floor length covers cannot have the locking straps added.

Safety Locking Straps with 'D' Rings - Adds $35.00 - Custom Made
Locking straps work only with standard length covers.
The straps are sewn onto the cover, and are pulled together underneath the piano where the 'D' rings meet. You then put a lock through the 'D' rings. (Lock not included)

Generally used for protection in a commercial setting (Schools, Hotels, Churches, Studios etc.) to dissuade people from getting into the piano.   Sold as a set.   

Embroidered Piano Brand Name on Cover - Adds $75.00  - Custom made
2 Positions - Front or Side - Gold or Silver
Examples of positions available shown below.


How to measure your piano.
Measure in a straight line from the farthest end at the back curve, across the closed lid to in FRONT of the keys. Sometimes it's easier to measure the entire length of the piano from underneath.

For Extra protection in a commercial setting;
e.g. Hotels, Theaters, Studios, Schools, Auditoriums etc., see our Commercial Heavy Duty Cover Commercial Heavy Duty Water Resistant Covers

PRICED FROM $152.95 - All covers are custom made & take 10 - 20 Business Days to ship
For Small Digital Pianos - Make/ Model:
(Template may be required)

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Average rating:
average rating 97%
170 reviews

Read all reviews

Featured positive reviews:

average rating 100%
Piano cover 11/11/2021
By Linda Jones
Glad to review my purchase of the piano cover for my baby grand. Her name is Lilly. The cover is much more than I expected. The material is soft, of a thickness that protects from scratches/spills. I love the splits in either side that allows me to fold back the cover part of the way when I want to play
The embroidered Yamaha logo on the front of the cover is beautiful! Lilly & I are so pleased.
average rating 100%
Church Piano Cover. 04/26/2017
By Julian Kidd
I play guitar in our church band. So, our staff decided I was the one to make (I had an Upholstery Business for years) or find a cover for our Baby Grand. Truth is, It would have cost me almost as much for the material, as Yamaha Piano Covers charges for a ready made. The quality is outstanding and the price was very fair. Shipping was fast and efficient. Because of your great service, I am a Hero
average rating 100%
Music & Worship Assistant 01/02/2020
By Kathy Stauffer
I am so pleased with the piano cover that I ordered for our church piano. The assistance that I received was exceptional and the measurements and quality of the cover are absolutely perfect! This is the first time I have ordered a cover for a grand piano and the experience was no less than amazing. I will recommend Piano Showcase to everyone who is needing a cover of any kind. Thank you. Katherine
average rating 100%
Floor length piano cover 10/21/2019
By George Evanoff
Very good experience from start to finished product. Customer service was the best. They made sure that I would get what I wanted at the best price. I started the process on-line and customer service finished it by several personal emails. Shipping was fast and the cover arrived undamaged. The quality of the material and craftsmanship is top notch. The fit is perfect, over the piano to the floor.
average rating 100%
Should have bought it sooner! 01/03/2021
By Laura S.
Bought the Yamaha -Y w/ Side Slits, Metallic Gold Front Embroidery in Classic 3/8" Quilted Black. The quality & fit is exceptional! I only wish we bought a proper cover sooner. One thing to note is if you have a cat, the classic quit fabric will collect all the hair. Our Maine Coon uses it as his perch & with some effort I can get most of the hair up w/ vacuuming. Better the cover than the piano!