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Commercial Grade Heavy Padded Piano Covers
Priced from $351.08

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Price: $351.08
All covers are made to order items and take 10-20 business days for manufacturing.

Black Quilted Covers extra heavy fabric for Upright & Grand Pianos excellent if your piano is in a heavy traffic area. Perfect for Theaters, Studios, Universities, Hotels, Rehearsal Halls, Schools etc.  Perfect for moving and storage.

Constructed of superior Heavy Duty Black close weave duck material with a cotton filling and flannel lined to protect the surface of your piano.
Quilted in a 4" diamond pattern with a strong nylon thread for superior stitching.

These covers are suitable fitting to protect pianos in size ranges listed below.  

Item #CO-COM-48 - for Grand Pianos

Grand Piano up to 5' 2"  - $351.08 
Grand Piano up to 5' 8"  - $364.48 
Grand Piano up to 6' 0"  - $371.18
Grand Piano up to 6' 3"  - $377.88 
Grand Piano up to 6' 7"  - $384.58 
Grand Piano up to 7' 0"  - $391.28
Grand Piano up to 7' 5"  - $404.68 
Grand Piano up to 9' 0"  - $438.18

Heavy Padded Covers For Upright Pianos - 59" wide & 25" Deep

Upright 36" - Pianos - 36" - $326.96 
Upright 40" - Pianos - 40" - $333.66
Upright 44" - Pianos - 44"- $353.76
Upright 46" - Pianos - 46" - $360.46
Upright 50" - Pianos - 50" - $373.86
Upright 54" - Pianos - 54"  - $380.56
Upright 58" - Pianos - 58"  - $407.36

For help with your order please call 1-800-791-7144.

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All covers are made to order items and take 10-20 business days for manufacturing.

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Average rating:
average rating 100%
9 reviews

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Featured positive reviews:

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Excellent Customer Service 09/16/2019
By Larry Hardee
I had never ordered a piano cover before, and so I was unfamiliar with how to measure. Not only that I had only recently taken an interest in this Steinway. A lot of effort was made to get the correct size cover. It isn’t often that you encounter excellent Customer Service, so this experience is one of the few times it has ever happened. Thank You for all the time and detail to get it right.
average rating 100%
High quality and great prices 02/10/2014
By The Webb School
I helped The Webb School Head of Fine Arts with purchasing a piano cover for our upright Steinway. Vanda King's was by far the lowest priced piano covers. Within a couple of weeks, we received our commercial grade heavy padded nylon piano cover and it looks gorgeous. The measurement guide was extremely helpful in getting the piano cover to fit perfectly. This is a high quality piano cover!
average rating 100%
Very sturdy 02/26/2019
This cover is very sturdy and fit the piano perfectly. The piano I needed it for is in a student gathering house on a college campus, so lots of foot traffic, parties/events for part of the year and sitting unused for the other part of the year. This cover will work mainly to keep dust out, but also to deter people from setting drinks on it. Quilting was very nicely sewn.
average rating 100%
Outstanding Quality 05/17/2021
By Catherine Parker
I ordered a cover for my much loved Steinway. The item was delivered in a timely fashion with frequent updates. The quality is exceptional. I highly recommend this company!!
average rating 100%
Floor length piano cover 12/29/2016
By Ricard J Hamilton
I am simply delighted with this cover - it is high quality and will keep the piano in great shape despite it's location in the church hall!