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Grand Piano Leg & Lyre Covers and Wraps

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Price: $148.00
All covers are made to order items and take 10-20 business days for manufacturing.

Leg & Lyre Covers
Protect your Grand Piano Legs and Pedals with protective covers. Choice of fabrics.
Set of 4 Quilted Pockets for protecting your Grand Piano Legs & Lyre while the legs are removed during moving.
Cut in a Box style 32" long by 21" wide. (Note stock photo shows old style, tapered)
Furnished with a flap, secured with velcro for extra protection.

Item #LLC1 - Classic Black Quilted - $148.00
Item #LLC2 - Top of the Line Black Quilted - $170.00
Item #LLC3 - Heavy Padded Quilted Mackintosh - $190.00

Piano Leg Wraps
Our leg wraps protects the legs of a Grand Piano while the piano is standing.
Perfect for protection against bumps & bangs, in studios, theatres or in your home.
The wraps are 16" x 27" and are secured tightly with velcro.

#LW1 - Classic Black Quilted - $130.00 Set of 3
#LW2 - Top of the Line Black Quilted - $144.00 Set of 3
#LW3 - Heavy Padded Quilted Mackintosh - $159.00 Set of 3

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FinBlack cover for Model M 07/07/2015
By Marianne Decker
I am very satisfied with the cover I received for my Steinway Model M, but am disappointed that you advertise "Leg and Lyre Covers and Wraps," but do not include a lyre cover with everything else. The lyre is as subject to sunlight as the front legs of the piano! Our Model M by Steinway is a perfect instrument in every way, and is also 102 years old. It needs all the protection it can get.