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Grand Piano Leg Wraps

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Price: $144.00


Our Piano Leg Wraps provide essential protection for the legs of a Grand Piano when it is in an upright position. They are specifically designed to safeguard against potential bumps and impacts, making them a perfect choice for a variety of settings such as studios, theaters, hotel lobbies or even in your own home.

The wraps are 16" x 27" and are secured tightly with velcro.

  • LW2 - Black - Top of the Line Black Quilted - $144.00 Set of 3
  • LW2 - Brown Top of the Line Black Quilted - $149.00 Set of 3
  • LW3 - Heavy Padded Quilted Mackintosh Black - $159.00 Set of 3


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No reviews for this product.

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