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Kawai Piano Covers

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Price: $134.00
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With over 30 years experience, our expert sewers make the finest piano covers in the industry.
You'll find our covers in The White House, the Smithsonian Institute, the Hollywood Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences (Academy Awards),  & we were very proud to have been chosen to make the Cover for the Shadd Grand Piano in the Sistine Chapel at the Vatican.

Kawai & Shigeru Kawai Grand Piano Covers
KW-4'9" - GM-1--- 4' 9" 
KW-5'0" - GM-2, GM-10, GL-10, GM-12---5' 0" 
KW-5"1" - KG-1C, KG-1D, GE-1, GE20--- 5' 1" 
KW-5'3" - CP200 - 5'3" 
KW-5'4" - KG-1E --- 5' 4" 
KW-5'5" - RX1, GX-1, GE30 ... 5'5" 
KW-5'7" - GE-2--- 5' 7" 
KW-5'9" - GE-3--- 5' 9" 
KW-5'10" - KG-2, KG-2E, KG-2C, RX2, SK2 --- 5' 10" 
KW-5'11" - GX-2 , GL-40 --- 5' 11" 
KW-6'1" - KG3, KG3E, KG3C, GS30, GS40, RX3, SK3 - 6' 1" 
KW-6'2" - GL-50 - 6'2" 
KW-6'6" - RX5, R1, SK5, RX-A--- 6' 6" 
KW-6'8" - KG-5 - 6'8" 
KW-6'9" - KG-6E, GS-50, GS-60 - 6' 9" 
KW-7'0" - RX6, SK6, GX6 - 7'0" 
KW-7'4" - KG6, KG6C, KG7 - 7'4"
KW-7'5" - GS-70 - 7' 5" 
KW-7'6" - RX7, SK7 - 7'6' 
KW-8'2" - GS80 - 8'2" 
KW-9'1" - KG-8, GS-100, EX - 9' 1" 

If you don't see your size listed, please view our Generic Covers

Vinyl Black / Brown - Base Price
Vinyl Burgundy / White / Sand Beige -(Custom) Adds $20.00
Mackintosh Black / Brown - Adds $10.00
Black Elegant Top of the Line Quilted Nylon - Adds $40.00
Brown Elegant Top of the Line Quilted Nylon - Adds $50.00
Black Heavy Quilted Mackintosh - Adds $65.00

Side Slit option available - Adds $65.00 
Side slits are placed on each side of the piano above the legs. This allows you to fold back the cover and play your piano without removing the whole cover.


Floor length option available - Adds $90.00 -Custom made
Floor length covers cannot have the locking straps added.

Safety Locking Straps with 'D' Rings - Adds $35.00 - Custom Made
Locking straps work only with standard length covers.
The straps are sewn onto the cover, and are pulled together underneath the piano where the 'D' rings meet. You then put a lock through the 'D' rings. (Lock not included)

Generally used for protection in a commercial setting (Schools, Hotels, Churches, Studios etc.) to dissuade people from getting into the piano.   Sold as a set.   

Embroidered Piano Brand Name on Cover - Adds $75.00  - Custom made
2 Positions - Front or Side - Gold or Silver
Examples of positions available shown below.


How to measure your piano.
Measure in a straight line from the farthest end at the back curve, across the closed lid to in FRONT of the keys. Sometimes it's easier to measure the entire length of the piano from underneath.

For Extra protection in a commercial setting;
e.g. Hotels, Theaters, Studios, Schools, Auditoriums etc., see our Commercial Heavy Duty Cover Commercial Heavy Duty Water Resistant Covers

Priced from $134.00
For Small Digital Pianos - Make/ Model:
(Template may be required)

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Average rating:
average rating 98%
138 reviews

Read all reviews

Featured positive reviews:

average rating 100%
Kawai Grand Piano Cover 05/09/2020
By Richard Kiyabu
Order# 131367: I am 110% satisfied with the product. It is beautiful, fits great and excellent construction. 5 stars is not enough.
A very special thanks to the staff for keeping me informed of the delivery. Even with the Corona Virus problem, movement kept going forward. Especially grateful to the ladies who answered my calls and emails. They were helpful, cheerful and patient with me. Thank You!
average rating 100%
Piano Cover 08/05/2023
By Becky Wood
The new piano cover for our Kawaii grand piano arrived this week. It fits perfectly and is truly of the highest quality! The embroidered Kawaii name we ordered turned out beautifully.

We highly recommend this company for made to order products!
It took a little longer than expected but definitely worth the wait.
Our experience with this company was extremely positive in every way.
average rating 100%
KAWAI Piano Covers 02/09/2016
By Robert Lowe
All around great experience from ordering to receiving! This is a fantastic cover to protect our new piano from harm (like our cat that thinks it is a big chair!). We got the black quilted padded Mackintosh to match our polished ebony piano. The padding is substantial and should protect the surface from anything but dropping a brick on it from the balcony! It looks classy; everyone is impresse
average rating 100%
Excellent customer service 10/17/2022
By Jessica Davidson
I got a new kitten and had no idea how to protect my piano. A friend found me this website and it could not have been easier after that! Every possible question is addressed right on the order form, and all the options are explained in informative detail. I also called, and they answered right away and reassured me about my order. The product came in a few days, fits perfectly, and is very sturdy
average rating 100%
Kawai grand cover 08/03/2021
By Don Bernhard
We received the cover for our Kawai R-6, 7 foot grand. The Macintosh material is elegant. The cover is the same you'd see at a university or concert hall. Well made. Ordering was simple. I had a few questions, so I called and the service rep was very helpful. Then I placed my order and it came in the time expected. Vanda King was recommended by my tuner, and I see why. Great service and product.